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Research & Education


There are many excellent books that cover a wide range of topics related to dying, death and bereavement. Check with your local library or book store.


AIDS: Answers to Questions Kids Ask
Informative questions and answer format...| Read more

Multiple AIDS-Related Loss
Discusses the losses associated with AIDS and ways to heal....| Read more


Ways to improve quality of care for those who are dying....| Read more

Final Choices
Examines tough choices regarding medical care, home care, hospice, assisted suicide etc....| Read more

Final Gifts
In this moving and compassionate book, hospice nurses Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelley share their intimate experiences with patients at the end of life, drawn from more than twenty years experience tending the terminally ill....| Read more

Grief, Dying and Death
Clinical Interventions for caregivers....| Read more

How Can I Help?
A Zen perspective on caregiving....| Read more

The Courage To Laugh
Inspirational look at humour, hope and healing in the face of death....| Read more

Children & Grief : Fiction

A Taste of Blackberries
Describes a boy's friendship with Jamie and his feels when she dies....| Read more

Aunt Mary Buttons
An aunt prepares her niece for the aunt's impending death....| Read more

Larry Red and Blue
A young friend is killed by a car; describes a 7 year old's reactions....| Read more

A simple story of beginnings, endings and lifetimes of plants, animals and people....| Read more

Nana Upstairs and Nana Downstairs
A young boy's special relationships with his two grandmothers and his feelings whn they die....| Read more

So Long Grandpa
Michael witnesses his grandfather's deterioration and death from cancer....| Read more

The Garden is Doing Fine
Corrie's father is dying. His interest in his garden leads to the realization that life continues in his children....| Read more

The Tenth Good Thing About Barney
When his cat dies, a young boy tries to remember ten good things about him....| Read more

Tunnel Vision
Reactions of family, friends and teacher when a 15 year old boy hangs himself....| Read more

Where's Jess
Addresses some of the questions a young child may ask when a sibling dies....| Read more

Children & Grief : NonFiction

Books to Help Children Cope with Separation and Death
A listing of resources...| Read more

Helping Children Cope with Loss of a Loved One
Use of narrative and case studies to explain children's understanding of reactions to death....| Read more

Hospice Care for Children
Professional resource book for pediatric hospice care. ...| Read more

How it Feels When a Parent dies
Children (aged 7 - 16) describe their feelings when a parent died....| Read more

Learning to Say Goodbye
Addresses the questions and feelings a child has when a parent is sick and dies....| Read more

Too Old to Cry, Too Young to Die
Teens describe their experiences living with cancer, side effects, family, friends etc....| Read more

Cross Cultural Caring

Caring for Dying People of Different Faiths
Considers the history and beliefs of several faiths, yet emphasizing the individual's needs....| Read more

Conscious Dying
Study of spiritual beliefs/practices related to conscious dying and the transition to the afterlife....| Read more

Grief & Loss

A Grief Observed
A personal tale of grieving his wife's death....| Read more

In the Midst of Winter
Selections of poetry and prose about grief....| Read more

Parental Loss of a Child
Clinical study and research of this topic....| Read more

Sibling Loss
Sibling bereavement and its differences....| Read more

So I Will Comfort You
Support for bereaved patients and others....| Read more

Living with Grief

After Suicide
A guide for dealing with the aftermath of suicide....| Read more

Living with Grief after Sudden Loss
A series of articles, resource materials written by experts on these areas of grief....| Read more

Living with Grief When Illness is Prolonged
A series of articles, resource materials written by experts on this area of grief....| Read more

Palliative Care References

Cross-Cultural caring
A Handbook for Health Care Professionals in Western Canada....| Read more

Dying Well
How families find reconciliation when death approaches....| Read more

New Themes in Palliative Care
Essays on key themes in palliative care, intended for professionals....| Read more

The Last Dance
A textbook for death and dying courses that gives good introduction to the main issues....| Read more


Dying, Yet We Live
Considers definitions of spirituality and issues commonly raised....| Read more

How We Die
Reflection's on Life's Final Chapter....| Read more

Kitchen Table Wisdom
Inspirational book on dealing with serious and chronic illness....| Read more

The Grace in Dying
How We Are Transformed Spiritually As We Die....| Read more

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